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Like a well-nourished oak tree and its acorn fruit, the symbol of the Pechanga Band, we are once again lifting our branches to the sky, providing roots, shelter and food, restoring balance and harmony to our valley. We are reclaiming our place in the sun.

A people of tradition, we do not let the sun rise or set without remembering who we are — the Pechanga people. We know that a strong tribal economy is the single most critical element in a tribal government's ability to fund and provide the kinds of services its people need. The Pechanga Tribal Government is committed to continuing its own successful strategy of prudent investments in a wide range of economic endeavors, protecting and enhancing the quality of life for the Pechanga people, now and in the future.

Like All Governments: Providing for Tribal Citizens

Like those funds that cities and states raise from taxes, licensing, lottery and other sources to provide services to their constituents, the net revenues from the Resort & Casino and other tribal enterprises are Pechanga government funds. For the benefit of all the people, the tribally elected Pechanga Tribal Council and related tribal entities make decisions regarding the expenditures of our business proceeds.

With revenue from these tribal enterprises, we are upgrading substandard roads, housing and our domestic water system, installing lines to connect with the regional wastewater treatment system to which we pay our way. We also provide for public safety at our businesses and on the reservation. We have and are improving better emergency services, including our fire department(procuring modern fire fighting vehicles and equipment, and hiring fully trained and certified personnel).

The Tribal Enterprises

Our businesses — from our RV Resort and Food Mart to our Casino — allow the Pechanga Tribal Council to meet its obligations and responsibilities to provide government programs. Among these are: health and social services, senior supplemental programs, preschool to 5th grade, a Recreation Center, community parks, and supplementary education and scholarships for advanced degrees and job skill training. In June 2002, tribal citizens, invited dignitaries, the tribal council, the PDC and the members of the gaming commission, together with an excited crowd, opened the new Pechanga Resort & Casino. The facility has since set a new benchmark for tribal gaming facilities throughout California. Please see the Pechanga Development Corporation to learn more about our successful enterprise and its relevance and regulations. For more information about the regulation of the gaming facility, please see the About Gaming.

The Importance of a Diverse Tribal Economy

With the development of a stronger tribal economy, we are also improving life for all the people of the surrounding area. The Pechanga Band has brought economic opportunity to the Temecula Valley by creating a steady demand for services and products that is creating thousands of jobs.

Please read Economic Impact for a look at the positive growth and reach of our tribal economy.